Active Bands® is designed for children aged 5 to 12 years of age.

To get started, firstly you must have a Active Bands® wristband. Then, scan the QR code on the backing card and download the Active Bands® app from the App Store to your iPhone or from Google Play to your Android device and follow the app instructions. Your smart phone must have NFC capability, if you can SmartPay, your phone has NFC. If you are unsure, refer to your phone model’s operation guide.

The great thing about Active Bands® is that the types of activities and their duration is really only limited by your imagination. If the activity, sport, or game is not listed in the menu of Sports Skills and Active Games already loaded on the app, you can create virtually any type of activity you can think of. Then, follow app instructions to simply scan the Active Bands® wristband to record the activity against your child’s profile.

Activity is recorded against a registered child’s profile when a parent, guardian, teacher or coach selects the activity type and scans a child’s Active Bands® wristband. The app allocates the activity to the child and records the Active Points achieved. Points are calculated on the duration and intensity of the activity.

Tap on the + symbol and then tap Custom and follow the instructions. You can make up activities such as “Walking the Dog”, ”Jumping” on a trampoline, or “Free Play” in the local playground.

Each wristband contains a chip with a unique ID. The chip and your mobile device are able to “talk” to each other using Near Field Communication (NFC) which is the same form of electronic communication used in the tap and pay process for credit and debit cards.

Children can earn digital rewards such as badges, trophies, and loot to personalise their avatar by reaching various Active Points milestones. They simply need to ensure they scan their Active Bands® wristband at the start of each activity so that Active Points are recorded against their profile that contribute to their daily activity total. Badges are rewarded for various milestones. This could include recording your first activity; completing 1500 Active Points or more of activity in one day; completing multiple days in a row of 1500 Active Points of activity, and so on. Badges will be displayed in each child’s profile in the mobile app. From time to time, there may be special limited-edition badges available for completing a certain task or activity milestones.

Yes. Active Bands® are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about protecting them from water exposure when you’re swimming in the pool, caught outside in the rain or taking a bath.

No. The bands themselves do not contain batteries and don’t need to be recharged.

Each band has a unique identifier and will be tagged to a particular child’s profile once activated. If you lose your band, we will be able to get a new band and we will update the unique identifier against the child’s profile. You can have one band for each of your children who are five years of age or above.

The wristband of a registered child acts as a “key” to recording activity against the child’s profile. You can select or create activities in the app, but you need to scan the wristband in order for the activity to be recorded against the child’s profile. If your child loses their wristband, you can contact us and order a new one to replace it.

We take our obligations regarding data security and privacy very seriously. Active Bands® employs high-grade data security features to ensure your information and data is secure. Use of the Active Bands® platform is governed by the Active Bands® Terms of Service and the Athletics Australia Privacy Policy. Information regarding what details we collect and how those details are secured, can be found in the Active Bands® Terms of Service and the Athletics Australia Privacy Policy.

The band itself doesn’t hold any personal data or information. Your personal information and data is stored securely on our servers and displayed on your profile within the mobile app.

Only 19% of Australian children aged 5 to 17 are meeting the recommended guidelines of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. Active Bands® has been created (and is fully owned and operated) by Athletics Australia. Athletics Australia is passionate about supporting more Aussie children to be physically active and we believe this innovative platform will help to create positive behaviour change, leading to happier and healthier Aussie children.

We have developed Active Bands® specifically for children aged between 5 and 12 and to help parents to support their children in being active. This is a guide only and you are welcome to use Active Bands® with children above the age of five.

You can add as many of your own children or wards to your account as you like if they each have their own Active Bands® wristband.

Athletics Australia is the national governing body for the sport of athletics in Australia. Together with its eight state and territory Member Associations, Athletics Australia is charged with ensuring the development, growth and promotion of athletics. We want to see more children doing athletics, but we also want to encourage and support more children being active in whatever sports and physical activities they choose as they build a foundation for their future. Athletics Australia is a not-for-profit organisation.

Not all smartphone models and versions are compatible with the NFC technology. E.g. iPhones older than iPhone 6 and several android models may not be compatible. Please check your smartphone details However, if you can use your phone for SmartPay at payment/ transaction terminals, your phone has NFC capability.

If your wristband becomes damaged, please immediately dispose of the wristband responsibly. To continue using Active Bands®, you can order a new replacement wristband from us and then contact us to update the new replacement wristband to your child’s profile.

Approved teachers and coaches (Deliverers) will be registered to use the Active Bands® Deliverer app and linked to the school. Deliverers can then select a specific pre-loaded Group Activity e.g. a 60-minute PE class or 20-minute Recess. The Deliverer will ensure your child scans their wristband for each Group Activity they participate in, so that the individual Active Points for that specific Group Activity are added to your child’s tally.